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With over 25 years of experience in the fitness industry, Tamara Knight of T-Zone Fitness offers services as a competition prep coach and lifestyle coach with online training, sports specific training, personalized nutrition analysis and eating plans, offseason and pre-contest coaching, lifestyle coaching and one on one private training instruction.


Many distance clients in Canada and the USA take advantage of online coaching and receive the same attention as those I work with one on one. Personalized nutrition/supplement plans, training/cardio programs and full support are given. Weekly check-ins with photos are required.


Are you an experienced competitor wanting to take it to the next level? Are you new to sport and inspired by flipping through the pages of fitness magazine, wondering what it takes to look like those athletes? Have you ever thought of competing in your first triathlon? Do you want to excel at your chosen sport? With a Specialization in Sports Nutrition and having worked with many of the top pros over the years, I can help you realize your dreams as you are taught to eat the right foods for your goals as well as keep you accountable with your personalized nutrition and workout program.
In the fitness industry, I coach men’s and women’s bodybuilding, men’s and women’s physique, figure and bikini from novice to National level. In the sports industry, I coach and all sports, including triathlon events such as Ironman.


It is a proven fact that 90% of your success comes from you diet alone! Whether you are looking to lose weight, become a healthier eater, gain weight (yes, there are some), manage your diabetes or you are a competitive athlete, I can help you achieve your goals with a personalized nutrition plan. Learn how to eat clean, become healthier and improve your performance.


Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, condition your body to excel at your sport or sculpt your body to look its best, personalized training with T-Zone fitness is your ticket to getting there faster than ever before. All one on one training is done in my private fully equipped studio. There is no waiting for equipment and no interruptions. Singles, couples or small group training is available.


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