From a very early age, I was always very active in sports and constantly found ways to challenge myself in individual activities like cycling and running. I was very self motivated to want to excel at everything I took on and by my late teens I was looking for new challenges. I joined the local 24 hour gym and being an early bird anyway, started working out before work every morning. This became my routine and you would always find me in the gym in those early morning hours taking care of business . I didn’t realize it in the beginning, but my enthusiasm and dedication to health and fitness was inspiring another lady to also come to the gym before work. She was very shy and overweight and came to me one morning to tell me “knowing that you will be here every morning makes me get my butt out of bed and come too”. What a great feeling that was for me! I soon realized that I wanted to share my same enthusiasm for nutrition and fitness and help others achieve their goals.

My passion for health and fitness is something that I strive to pass on to my clients. I do believe they are capable of accomplishing the goals they set out and my role is to encourage and keep them motivated and accountable to achieve those goals.

In 2015 I was given the opportunity to also give back and promoted the first Knight of Champions fitness show in Surrey BC. In 2018 I will add another natural show to the mix, the Tzone Fitness Natural Championships on July 28, 2018.



  • CFT Certified Fitness Trainer (ISSA)
  • SSN Specialist in Sports and Performance Nutrition (ISSA)
  • SET Specialist in ExerciseTherapy (ISSA)
  • SSC Specialist in Strength and Conditioning (ISSA)
  • Sports Nutrition (Human Kinetics)

Competition History

  • 2016 CBBF National Physique Championships 9th Place Open Physique B, 16th Place Masters
  • 2015 BC Provincial Championships – 3rd Place Master’s Physique, 3rd Place Open Physique B
  • 2014 CBBF Canadian National Physique Championships 16th Place Masters Physique B, 12th Place Open Physique B
  • 2014 BC Provincial Championships – 2nd Place Masters Physique, 3rd Place Tall Physique
  • 2012 CBBF Canadian National Bodybuilding Championships – 8th Place Heavyweight and 7th place Heavyweight Masters
  • 2011 BC Provincial Bodybuilding Championships – 2nd Place Women’s Heavyweight.
  • 2010 BC Provincial Bodybuilding Championships– 1st Place Master’s, 3rd Place Women’s Heavyweight. Qualified for Canadian Bodybuilding Championships
  • 2009 Sandra Wickham Fall Classic (SWFC) – 1st Place Heavyweight, 1st Place Master’s, Best Poser and Overall Champion